Martin Luther King Day January 18, 2018 15:52

Earlier this week we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr by taking the day off and reflecting on what this icon means to our country.

Carter (my 7 year old) started quoting the "I have a dream speech" and made me think about how much he really might know about Martin Luther King Jr.

I asked Carter if he knew who Martin Luther King Jr was and why we get that day off each year from school. He responded "mom he stopped segregation and made it so everyone could sit together" then he began to tell me that Martin Luther King Jr. gave the "I have a dream" speech in 1963 in Washing DC.

Being the non history buff I am, I questioned his "1963" year as being the year Martin Luther King Jr changed the world. Of course google being my friend, I looked it up and was shocked that just 55 years ago our country was still segregated by race. 

How could this be? So now I'm curious, when did the civil war end? Google once again being my source of information tells me the civil war ended in 1865. So what was going on for the 98 years between the Civil War and Martin Luther King Jr? Is this generation really the only generation who hasn't had to deal with segregation, lynching, and who knows what else.

Carter and I talked for hours about what happened during the civil war and how equality has always been an on going issue all over the world for hundreds of years.

As a parent how do we talk about these subjects with our kids? As a mother of a boy how do I teach him to respect women and that color doesn't matter? At what age is it appropriate to talk about these subjects? These have been my thoughts over the last week.

Luckily, Carter doesn't see color or sex. He just sees a person.