About Us

Interview by local newspaper editor October 4, 2015:

The boutique is at 982 Logan St., Noblesville, IN. 46060 just off the Courthouse Square. Perfect location for shoppers who are browsing for boys and girls clothing sizes 0 to 16 from name brands, such as Lemon Loves Lime, Giggle Moon and Ruffle Butts, as well as locally made merchandise. The shop also offers novelty items, children's toys and a variety of gift items.

The mom-turned-entrepreneur, who decided over the summer to quit her job of eight years, and follow her big dream, has been putting in copious amounts of hard work, dedication and love, to be ready for today's opening. One of four Noblesville Main Street CanStruction projects will be created in her shop beginning at 7:30 a.m. today and will be on display through Oct. 11.

Shauna Metzger, the face behind the new "chic boutique," said, "I've always wanted to own my own business, and I love the atmosphere of downtown Noblesville."

She said, "There isn't a business like this one yet, so I wanted to create a kid-friendly place that anybody of any class could walk in and find something."

The difficult task of opening a new business has been a family affair, Metzger said. Her husband, Ryan Metzger, has helped out with all the vital construction work - putting up racks, painting, adding flooring, and constructing the store's very own "girl castle" - while her parents traveled from Alabama to help set up the store and take care of small details in the store. Even Metzger's children, Ava, 3, and Carter, 5, have been modeling clothes their mom will sell in the shop on their website.

Not only has her husband and kids helped with the physical aspect of opening the store, but Metzger credits them for their unwavering support for her longtime dream.

"Everyone has been very supportive and encouraging," Metzger said of her quick career change. "I have always been very strong willed. I have never thought that I just couldn't do something so, with the support of my family, I just knew I could do it no matter what."

With her background in social work, Metzger said it's her second nature to give. And she won't stray from that as she begins her new journey as an entrepreneur. Already planning for the future, Metzger has ideas upon ideas on ways to give back to the community.

One of her plans is to incorporate a program that she calls "For kids, by kids," where children can channel their own entrepreneurship by selling their own products inside the store. Kids will get to keep all of the profit, too, she said.

"This is just another way for me to give back to the community and involve them as much as I can," Metzger said.

She also hopes that after her store is established that she can donate clothing to families in need because, she said, she has seen too many children without the bare necessities.

As she was counting down the days to today's ribbon cutting, her excitement has been building. But still, she has stayed remarkably humble with her hopes for the shop's future.

"I definitely am not out to have six Lil Bloomers all over the state," Metzger said with a chuckle. "As long as I can make kids happy and parents happy and just be a part of the community, that's my goal."